London Accountants

We recently hired a local firm of London accountants to do the books for us, and wished we had done it earlier. London accountants offer various and diverse services to their clients. The accountants help firms as they are well competent in this field of work. Thorough research is highly recommended before approaching any accountants for the business requirements.

A good accountant offers services like advising the business. The advise mainly assists in activities which cover strategy of a business, how to improve the performance of affirm and valuation of a business amongst other services. One should also help the firm with matters concerning taxes. Taxes are compulsory pay able and the firm should comply as and when it is supposed to. Accountants help firms to comply with local taxes as required by the law.

Accountants also help firms and other businesses to draw up the financial statements of the particular firm in question. Financial statements are books which must be drawn by the various business entities as they show the profitability and position of a business as at a given period of time. In order to enhance accuracy in ascertaining the above two functions accountants are hired to prepare them in accordance with the set standards.

London accountants are well experienced and have the required knowledge to offer the above services. They are able to meet a company’s needs and within the set time frame, giving us small business owners time to get on with running our businesses and keeping clients happy.

Is This Best B&B Equipment Tip You Will Read This Year?

Anyone who runs a bed and breakfast or a similar type of business will know how important it is to have good quality efficient appliances. Typically bed-and-breakfast are small  family run businesses, and therefore we need labour saving devices that work.

In our bed and breakfast we have been looking for ways that we can cut down on our workload without spending a fortune. it was my sister Rebecca who suggested that we replace the towels in our bathrooms with hand dryers. At first I scoffed at this idea because I reason that the cost of running a hand dryer in each guest bathroom would not offset the amount of work we would save washing towels.

However Rebecca showed me an article she had read which explained that watching sales is actually much less energy-efficient than using a hand dryer, even in homes that are only occupied by one or two persons.

Well, as I’m always happy to save money as well as work less where possible, I agreed. We looked at our local stores but did not find anything suitable – the hand dryers where we buy a lot of our equipment were aimed at larger businesses such as restaurant or hotel washrooms and cost several hundreds of pounds.

We made a search online and came across the CNM Online website. This is a great

The mini hand dryer is ideal for our guest bathrooms

The mini hand dryer is ideal for our guest bathrooms

resource because they offer a huge range of equipment which is ideal for smaller businesses, such as 10L fat fryers, under sink water heaters as well as a wide range of washroom equipment.

The brand of hand dryer we chose is perfect for our guest bathrooms. It uses only 900W and takes very little space on the walls.  I timed how long it took to dry my hands and they were done in just 30 seconds, so the energy consumed with these appliances is really minimal. At only £23 each we got ourselves a great bargain and we have already received compliments on the dryers from our guests.

Tips for the Small Business Caterer

As a full time caterer for nine years before getting the B&B, I have always had people tell me that catering sounds like a fascinating job. And while I don’t correct them I’m reminded of something I said to a friend once. Catering isn’t really Martha Stewart; it’s more in line with a dinner lady.

Still it’s a great job with many benefits but there are some things that people need to know to be in the business.

Now on to the fun stuff! Catering is a high energy job that requires someone with lots of stamina and an ability to think on your feet. You’ll be required to be standing literally for hours and hours each day and you’ll need to know a great deal about cooking and organizing. It also helps to have a great staff.Great workers you have are essential to a well-oiled catering machine.

The food that you prepare will make or break your business as well as how organized you are I always brought seasonings; towels and washcloths; washing up liquid and bleach to sterilize; and lots of clean and pressed aprons for all. The supplies also carried a hand mixer; sterilizing wipes for counters, gloves for use during serving and some cooking and hair nets.

The main machinery I used were electric roasters; perfect to cook and keep food the right temperature, a coffee machine and sometimes a meat slicer for large catering jobs.
I never used processed food unless I had to. I typically would by bag organic salad from a reputable manufacturers and would supplement it with fresh vegetables.

Catering is all about serving great food; and one way to make people feel the food is great is eye candy. I would always bring my own tablecloths for the serving and dessert tables as well as appropriate decorations for the season as well. Fresh flowers always look wonderful but please use organic! You do not want chemicals near your food to cause health issues.

I spent a bit of time making sure that food was presentable; tables were clean and orderly; drinks were ready to serve and the dessert table beautifully set up.Clean up was always the hardest part but as I said before; cleaning is easier if you’re organized. Take time in the day to clean up areas as you go and get extra help if needed.

Always have extra clothes to wear that are clean; sometimes spills happen; even with an apron. No one wants to be served by someone with a dirty shirt. Also make sure to be presentable; clean and styled hair and always; always make sure that your help has washed their hands appropriately. Even with serving gloves it’s important.

The last bit I would tell you is strictly personal but I find very important. Smile. Smile at your customers as they come through the line; be polite; help the ones that need help with their plates. Always be caring and meticulous in your business and people will remember you. This will give you the reputation you need for a great career in catering!